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SRS, Pro-Spray and Institutional Spray Sprinklers Instructions

Installation Instructions

  1. Install sprinklers onto lateral lines.
  2. Flush lines, making sure the flush caps are directed away from trench.
  3. Install screen into riser opening and screw Hunter's Fixed Pattern Nozzles, Adjustable Arc Nozzles or Specialty Nozzles or other female threaded nozzle onto riser.
  4. If necessary, adjust arc and radius for each sprinkler as described below.

Arc Adjustment

The Hunter Adjustable Arc nozzles come from the factory with a preset arc of 25. Before setting the left side of the arc, first set the right ratcheting side by twisting the riser assembly inside of the sprinkler body, aligning the right side of the spray pattern into the proper area. The raised dot on top of the nozzle indicates the adjustable (left) edge of the spray pattern.

  1. Hold the perimeter of the nozzle with fingers and turn the nozzle counterclockwise to increase the arc.
  2. To decrease the arc, hold the perimeter of the nozzle with fingers and turn the nozzle clockwise.

Note: The arc can also be increased or decreased by using a flat-bladed screwdriver.

Radius Adjustment

  1. Hold the nozzle arc stationary with fingers, or with the two pins on the side of the Hunter wrench between any of the nozzle spokes.
  2. Adjust the radius with a flat-bladed screwdriver by turning the center screw clockwise to reduce the radius.

Note: The radius should not be reduced more than 25%. The sprinkler is preset at the factory for maximum radius.


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